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Jason Lanegan

June 1 - July 30, 2007



Installation View




Installation View

On Sunday April 27, 2003 I entered and wandered about the Basilica di S. Croce in Gerusalemme, Rome, Italy, and found the treasury, a small room with what appeared to be six beautiful sculptures on an altar. As I approached the altar I quickly discovered that the sculptures were in fact reliquaries, containers for sacred relics. The items within these reliquaries were not difficult to recognize: a nail, two thorns, some shards of wood, small human bones, and what appeared to be old cloth. Clearly there was something that made these objects different and worth this type of presentation and veneration.

From this experience I embarked upon a body of work that explores how meaning and value is transferred to the viewer. In using a reliquary format, objects are displayed so that a sense of history is implied. Regardless of whether the items displayed are an array of mundane found objects or a hand crafted pseudo-relic, the viewer is enticed to find significance. In creating each piece, I allow my interests in art history, paleontology, archaeology, and anthropology to influence me. Like a parable, the work is purposefully layered allowing for a variety of reading. Thus, like the encounter I had when observing reliquaries in Rome, the viewer is left to question what makes these things important.

Jason Lanegan


Younger Brother,  2007

Mixed Media w/ Resin
14" x 7" x 4.5"


Younger Brother

Uninvited Guests

Uninvited Guests,  2006

Mixed Media w/ Bronze & Cigar Box
14" x 7" x 4.5"

My Three Friends,  2004

Mixed Media w/ Bronze & Cigar Box
17" x 6" x 3.5"

My Three Friends

Sick Day

Sick Day,  2004

Mixed Media w/ Resin
34" x 18.5" x 5"

Relique Americana:
Piece of a True Barbie,  2007

Mixed Media w/ Aluminum
22" x 9.5" x 9"

Piece of a True Barbie

Amulet of Boo

Amulet of Boo,  2005

Mixed Media w/ Soapstone & Basswood
16" x 8" x 6"

Alexia's Bobble,   2006

Mixed Media w/ Soapstone & Poplar
11.75" x 7.5" x 5"

Alexia's Bobble

Window Breakers

Window Breakers,  2004

Mixed Media w/ Bronze & Cigar Box
27.5" x 11" x 7.5"

Relique Humerus,  2005

Mixed Media w/ Alabaster & Bronze
7" x 18" x 12"

Relique Humerus

Reliquary for the Book of Job

Reliquary for the Book of Job,  2007

Mixed Media w/ Gilded Aluminum
23" x 9.5" x 11" 

Reflections on Extinction, or
Sunday Afternoons with Dad,  2005

Resin w/ Painted Wood Frame
49.5" x 25" x 3.5"

Sunday Afternoons with Dad

Valere Iubere Academia

Valere Iubere Academia,  2003

Mixed Media w/ Plastic
30" x 14" x 11" 

Annika's Charm,  2006

Mixed Media w/ Alabaster & Eucalyptus
11.75" x 7" x 4.25"

Annika's Charm

Feleis Matris

Feleis Matris,  2005

Mixed Media w/ Bronze
5.25" x 9.5" x 5" 

Relique Americana:
Piece of a True Oscar Meyer,  2007

Mixed Media w/ Alabaster
6" x 14" x 9"

Piece of a true Oscar Meyer

Reliquary for Great Aunt Ruth

Reliquary for Great Aunt Ruth,  2007

Mixed Media w/ Cast Iron
30.5" x 9" x 9" 

Reliquary for Grandpa,  2007

Mixed Media, Found Objects
17" x 10.75" x 4"

Reliquary for Grandpa

Relics of Childhood

Relics of Childhood,  2005

Mixed Media w/ Plastic
31" x 9.5" x 7.25" 

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